Vilso® Ready

High Level Disinfectant for All Medical Devices
Intended Use and Features

Ready- High-level disinfectant for all medical instruments


For Professional use only.

Application area: Flexible endoscopes used in surgery, urology and anesthesia, chrome, cleaning of tools made of nickel, steel, rubber and plastic materials then used for high-level disinfection.

Instruments made of brass and copper and the previously damaged instrument is not suitable for endoscopes.

Usage recommendations: Add the entire contents of one bottle of Vilso® Ready to 5 or 6 liters of water (up to 30 ° C) and stir. 

A bottle of Vilso® Ready activator adds the whole and mix. 

Add the pre-solution to 10 liters with water. 

For your use it is ready. 

Immerse clean instruments in solution, make sure all surfaces are fully immersed, avoid the formation of air bubbles. 

Appliances can be smoked after the specified contact time rinse with water or sterile distilled water. 

The solution should be prepared fresh daily.



R22 Harmful if swallowed.

R34 Causes burns.

R37 Irritating to the respiratory system.



S2 Keep out of reach of children.

S22 Do not breathe dust.

S26 In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

S39 Wear safety goggles/mask.



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