Textile Auxiliaries

For textile finishing and dyeing; Specific special products with specific aids, bleach regulators, egal staining aids and pH buffering agents
Alkalin Cotton - Alkaline Buffer Solution
It is used as buffer instead of Soda in cotton and viscous dyeings.It is preferred because it is safer and more efficient than soda.
Alkalin® Viscose - Special Powder Alkaline Enhanced for Reactive Dyeing of Viscose
Developed for dyeing viscose fabrics or yarns, soft-strength alkaline with buffer character.Viscos are worn out from with soda washing.Caustic-containing alkalis significantly weaken the strength of viscose fibers.
COLINOR AB - Bicarbonate Remover for Washing and Dyeing Baths
It is a strong acidic aid with acid buffer which can prevent the precipitation of natural bicarbonate from water and high collapse in alkaline environment. Prevents bicarbonate damages in reactive and disperse dyes. Provides pH stability by breaking
Special Egal Coloring Assistant For Dispers Painting
Disperse dyeing, total hardness, bicarbonate and iron, copper ions allows to be done smoothly in high cases. It is used as an ion scavenger, equalizer and disperser, acid regulator and pH buffer.
Effective Washer for After Reactive Dyeing
Produced to develop a process where colors do not deteriorate, minimizing worker errors.With DecoClean, the washings are of the same quality.Colors do not deteriorate.This product does not contain chloric or sulfuric acid.Analytically tested.
DECOLIN DC - Boyama Verimliliği Sağlayıcı
It is used in all bathrooms where it is necessary to prevent errors caused by calcium, magnesium, iron and copper ions. With 1 g / l DECOLIN DC; even in a total of 15 German hard environments, trouble-free painting can be achieved.
Decopol Reactive - Egal Dyeing Agent for Reactive Dyeing
Reactive dyeing of cellulosic fibers and their blends; improved to ensure uniform dyeing, Increases process safety and dyeing repeatability; egal painting assistant
Decowet BS - Bleach Yield Regulator
It is used instead of ion scavenger and peroxide stabilizer in bleaching baths for the finishing of cotton and its blends. It cleans the fabric by 90% after bleaching. (From total hardness and heavy metal ions.)
OxiActiveC - Special Aid Mateial for Viscous Case at Low Temperature
It is used to clean and whiten viscose without deforming and releasing sulfur in safe conditions and low temperatures.
SuperSoda - Best Helper for Secure Operations
Soda with strong basic buffer of some chemicals, obtained under high pressure and temperature, is a Soda molecule of complex/polymer structure.1.7 Ton SuperSoda is enough for 10 Ton Soda.
Viscopol EDP - Dye excipient with no Pretreatment for viscose dyeing
Are you ready to paint viscose safer, more economical and more Egal?In four hours with three chemicals; Paint your viscose at a cost of 0.175 TL / KG! Easy, safe and fast staining in all colors with our Viscojet Series chemicals
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